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DTC, Huneed Technologies to Develop MANET Solution for Modern Military Applications

DTC, Huneed Technologies to Develop MANET Solution for Modern Military Applications

Domo Tactical Communications has signed a memorandum of understanding with Huneed Technologies to develop an advanced mobile ad hoc network solution for use in the modern battlefield around the world.

As part of the agreement, DTC will provide its MANET technology to South Korean military forces.

Under the MOU. the partner companies will advance the development of ad hoc technology to deliver critical communications in restricted terrains.

DTC President Paul Sangster said the collaborative effort will bring combined technologies to improve military operations, supply uninterrupted connectivity and enhance situational awareness.

The technology uses existing communication devices and unmanned aircraft as nodes to establish a mesh network and provide tactical advantages in challenging environments.

The self-contained network also offers portability and flexibility, eliminating the need for elaborate installation and allowing users to save time, money and manpower, DTC said.

The MANET solution will be configured for optimal pairing with Huneed’s airborne drone assets to create manned and unmanned combat systems and enable shared situational awareness.

Beamed from the South Korean company’s drone fleet, the curated ISR data will inform operational decisions and allow commanders to achieve the targeted mission outcomes.

In a statement, Huneed Chairman Eugene Kim said the agreement will support the company’s mission of ensuring the warfighters’ survivability in modern battlefields. The partnership’s envisioned ad hoc technology will be applied in various military and defense situations, he added.

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