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DTC, Huneed Technologies to Develop MANET Solution for Modern Military Applications

Domo Tactical Communications has signed a memorandum of understanding with Huneed Technologies to develop an advanced mobile ad hoc network solution for use in the modern battlefield around the world. As part of the agreement, DTC will provide its MANET technology to South Korean military forces. Under the MOU. the partner companies will advance the...


DTC, Silentium to Develop Air Defense Solution With No Electromagnetic Signature

Domo Tactical Communications, a MIMO mesh provider based in Virginia, is working with Silentium Defence of Australia to develop an air defense radar system that can detect surface and airborne targets. The two companies will combine their technologies to produce a solution with no electromagnetic signature. Dave Huisenga, executive vice president and general manager for...


DTC to Integrate Software-Defined Radio Tech Into Nordic Wing UAV

Domo Tactical Communications has secured a contract to provide its advanced software-defined radio technology for Nordic Wing’s AsteroISR unmanned aerial vehicle system. Under the deal, DTC will integrate the SDR into AsteroISR to equip the UAV system with high-performance encryption and anti-jamming capabilities. Jonas Munster, chief security officer at Nordic Wing, said this ensures uninterrupted...

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