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QinetiQ in Exploratory Talks to Support South Korean Aircraft Programs

QinetiQ is in exploratory discussions to explore new opportunities in the Korea Aerospace Industries’ aircraft program such as developing advanced data processing methods. QinetiQ said the collaborative effort will also study the application of its testing, trials, training and evaluation expertise to support the aerospace and defense company’s projects. According to KAI President Kang Goo-young,...


44 Companies to Develop Tech Solutions for NATO’s Identified Challenges

NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic has selected 44 companies to develop technology solutions that will help the security alliance address challenges on energy resilience, undersea sensing and surveillance, and secure information sharing. Following its Thursday announcement, the organization also called for mentors and experts to guide the first batch of innovators and...


Saab Books $76M Deal to Support South Korea’s Arthur Weapon Locating Systems

Saab has received a $76.2 million contract to provide support services for South Korea’s Arthur mobile weapon locating systems. Signed with the South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration, the five-year deal also requires the Swedish defense company to deliver spare parts for Arthur. According to Carl-Johan Bergholm, head of surveillance business at Saab, the agreement...


Textron Systems To Test F-35 Block IV Capabilities Under $50M Lockheed Martin Deal

Textron Systems has secured a $50 million purchase order from Lockheed Martin to test the F-35 Lightning II aircraft capabilities using its Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator system. Under the award, the company will support the modernization of existing Norway-Italy Reprogramming Lab equipment. By deploying the A2PATS system, Textron will provide an enhanced...


EU Cyber Response Team Warns of Spearphishing Campaigns From Russian Hackers

A group of Russian hackers is targeting European governments with spearphishing campaigns to breach their digital systems, according to a new advisory from the European Union’s Cyber Emergency Response Team. The cybersecurity note identified at least seven EU countries on the target list of the hacking group Fancy Bear, Politico reported. The cyberthreat actors deployed...


Germany to Ship Additional IRIS-T Air Defense Systems to Ukraine

The German Defence Ministry said it will ship four more IRIS-T SLM medium-range air defense systems to Ukraine. In a statement released on Thursday, the ministry said the upcoming deliveries will be provided on top of the IRIS-T systems and a Patriot tracking radar handed over in October and will be sent to the war-torn...


TNO, Airbus Netherlands To Build Optical Ground Station for Space-Based Quantum Key Distribution System

The SES-led EAGLE-1 consortium has selected TNO and Airbus Netherlands to design and build an optical ground station for the program. The parties finalized the agreement at the Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany. According to SES Chief Technology Officer Milton Torres, the new partners will support the program’s mission of securing an end-to-end solution...


Lockheed Martin’s Derco to Support Maintenance of Romania’s F-16 Fleet

Lockheed Martin’s Derco Aerospace is working with Romanian company Aerostar to support the Romanian Air Force’s F-16 fleet. The two companies signed an agreement requiring Derco to provide the needed tools, equipment, technical documentation and training for Aerostar to keep the RoAF’s F-16s ready for mission operations. Under the deal, the U.S. company will deliver...


KBR to Continue Supporting UK’s $1.2B Clean Energy Efforts

KBR’s Frazer-Nash Consultancy has secured a contract from the U.K. Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to continue supporting the country’s $1.2 billion clean energy initiative. Modifications to the agreement originally awarded in 2021 include the company assisting in the United Kingdom’s efforts to develop new energy technologies, systems and processes. In particular, it...


Australia Pushes for Seamless Tech Sharing Among AUKUS Allies

The Australian Ministry of Defence has published draft legislation that seeks to make it easier for Australia and its AUKUS allies the United States and the United Kingdom exchange information on advanced technologies. The bill’s summary reveals Australia’s agenda of establishing an export license-free system to support industry, higher education and research advancements among the...

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