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US-Funded Cyber Defense Center Opens in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has established a Cyber Defense Center with funding from the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Military Financing program. The new facility, inaugurated on Thursday, is the latest contribution of the United States to the Balkan nation. In the last five years, Washington has provided more than $238 million in security assistance to help the...


Australia Lays Out AUKUS Investment Plans for Nuclear Submarines

Australia is investing early in American shipyards so that delivery of Virginia-class nuclear submarines to the Royal Australian Navy can be fast-tracked to the early 2030s, the service’s Vice Adm. Jonathan Mead said during an Australian Strategic Policy Institute conference in Canberra on Friday. Appointed in July as the inaugural director-general of the Australian Submarine...


Singapore Air Force Displays Aircraft Capabilities in 55th Anniversary Open House

The Republic of Singapore Air Force hosted an open house event that revealed several capability upgrades on its  F-16 fighter jets. An information board on the upgraded aircraft listed among its weaponry the Python-5 air-to-air missile from Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, as well as satellite-guided and laser-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition variants, according...

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