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European Commission Signs Agreement With European Space Agency to Cooperate on Actions Addressing Critical Global Challenges

The European Commission is joining forces with the European Space Agency to address global challenges with innovative technologies.  Timo Pesonen, director-general for defense industry and space, for the EC and Josef Aschbacher, director general of the ESA, signed a collaboration agreement to combine resources and competence to enhance the European capacity to protect critical infrastructure,...


UAE To Deliver, Operate Airlock Module for NASA’s Gateway Space Station

NASA will work with the United Arab Emirates’ Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to develop an airlock module for the Gateway Space Station. The aerospace company will build, deploy and operate the Crew and Science Airlock module for the space station that will be launched to orbit the moon, according to an agreement announced on...


UK Space Agency Awards Contract to RTX Unit for LEO Space Object Tracking

The UK Space Agency has awarded Raytheon NORSS, RTX’s U.K. unit, a contract for the supply of data on space objects in low-Earth orbit. Raytheon NORSS will work on the contract using its Low-Earth Orbit Camera Installation’s ground-based sensors for routine data collection on LEO objects, such as space debris, commercial satellites and defense systems. ...


Australia Lays Out AUKUS Investment Plans for Nuclear Submarines

Australia is investing early in American shipyards so that delivery of Virginia-class nuclear submarines to the Royal Australian Navy can be fast-tracked to the early 2030s, the service’s Vice Adm. Jonathan Mead said during an Australian Strategic Policy Institute conference in Canberra on Friday. Appointed in July as the inaugural director-general of the Australian Submarine...

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North Korea’s Failed Spy Satellite Launch Defies UN Resolutions, UK Envoy Says

The United Kingdom’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations James Kariuki has called North Korea’s failed spy satellite launch on Aug. 24 as “yet another grave violation of UN Security Council resolutions.” The ambassador, who delivered the remarks during a council meeting on Friday with North and South Korean representatives present, criticized the action...


US, Japan to Build Missiles That Can Shoot Down Hypersonic Weapons

The United States and Japan are looking to develop a new missile that can intercept hypersonic weapons that could launch from China, Russia, or North Korea, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported. Citing unidentified government officials, the report said Washington and Tokyo will finalize the agreement when Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida travels to Washington, D.C., for...

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