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UK to Invest $121M on AI-Enabled Mission to Cure Life-Threatening Health Conditions

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U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has launched a new mission to develop innovative solutions for life-threatening medical conditions using artificial intelligence technologies.

In a speech delivered Thursday, Sunak announced that the United Kingdom will invest up to $120 million in the AI Life Sciences Accelerator Mission to produce treatments that could prevent death.

Under the project, the government will collaborate with industry, academic and medical experts to formulate cures for serious illnesses such as cancer and dementia.

According to the prime minister, the mission will explore AI applications to find dementia treatments or invent vaccines to eradicate cancer.

“AI can help us solve some of the greatest social challenges of our time… That’s why we’re investing a further 100 million pounds to accelerate the use of AI on the most transformational breakthroughs in treatments for previously incurable diseases,” he said.

The funding will help explore technologies to establish new data infrastructure for improving the lives of people living with mental health conditions, the U.K. government said.

Additionally, the investment will fund research efforts to create general-purpose treatments for various health challenges.

To realize the mission’s objectives, the government will solicit proposals from academia, industry and clinicians and work with them in developing new medical solutions.

In a statement, Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay said the new accelerator fund will enable the government to take advantage of the latest technology to unlock progress and spur economic growth.

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