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Bipartisan Bill Seeks to Drive AI Advancement Among Five Eyes Allies

Reps. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., and Ro Khanna, D-Calif., have filed the Five AIs Act directing the Secretary of Defense to form a working group for the development of artificial intelligence within the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.  According to a press release from Gallagher’s office issued on Tuesday, the proposed legislation will enable the United States,...


Australia Signs US-Led Political Declaration on the Responsible Military Use of AI

The Australian government has signed the Declaration on Responsible Military Use of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy, committing to promoting the safe and secure development and deployment of artificial intelligence in warfare. The political declaration, led by the United States, recognizes that AI will be utilized for various applications, from managing logistics to assisting in decision-making and calls...


White House Facilitates Policy Discussions in Global Meeting to Combat Ransomware Attacks

The White House hosted the third meeting of the International Counter Ransomware Initiative in Washington, D.C., where delegates discussed new projects and policies to combat evolving cyberthreats. The 2023 edition of the CRI gathered 50 members, comprising 48 countries and two representatives from the European Union and the International Criminal Police Organization. During the two-day...


UK to Invest $121M on AI-Enabled Mission to Cure Life-Threatening Health Conditions

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has launched a new mission to develop innovative solutions for life-threatening medical conditions using artificial intelligence technologies. In a speech delivered Thursday, Sunak announced that the United Kingdom will invest up to $120 million in the AI Life Sciences Accelerator Mission to produce treatments that could prevent death. Under the...


Microsoft to Spend $3.1B for Expansion of Cloud, AI Infrastructure in Australia

Microsoft has announced an investment of $3.1 billion to expand its cloud computing and artificial intelligence infrastructure in Australia through 2025. The company said the digital investment will enable Australia to deploy AI technologies to fortify its economic competitiveness, generate highly skilled jobs and safeguard the country from evolving cyberthreats. Microsoft Vice Chairman and President...


BAE Systems Study Reveals Multidomain Integration as an Essential Information Battlespace Capability

A BAE Systems study found that achieving multidomain integration is a priority among defense and aerospace leaders to maintain superiority on the battlefield. This is as information warfare becomes more complex with the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. The study included a poll that involved up to 400 senior business and IT...


UK’s Treasury Chief Secretary Seeks to Improve Public Sector’s AI Use

U.K. Chief Secretary to the Treasury John Glen me with academic and business leaders on Wednesday to discuss improvement areas for the public sector’s safe and secure use of artificial intelligence. He pointed out that Britain placed in the top third in the United Nations’s Government AI Readiness Index 2022, but its public sector only...


Reuters: US Updating Restrictions on Exporting AI Chips, Chipmaking Tools to China

A U.S. official revealed that China has been informed of U.S. plans to update the rules banning the export of artificial intelligence chips and chipmaking tools to Beijing, according to a Reuters report. The rules were first implemented in October 2022 as part of Washington’s effort to address national security concerns, hinder China’s efforts to...


Infleqtion Awarded Defense Slot in UK Quantum Catalyst Fund

Quantum information company Infleqtion said it has won a defense project award under Innovate UK‘s Quantum Contextual Artificial Intelligence for Long-range Correlations. The Austin, Texas-based company will partner with U.K. defense company QinetiQ in the Q-CALC data analysis project. The project, titled Quantum End-to-end Compilation for Combinatorial Optimisation, QECCO for short, is a three-year undertaking...


AUKUS Partnership Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States are making significant progress in artificial intelligence and autonomy under Pillar 2 of the AUKUS security partnership, according to Tanya Monro, Australia’s chief defense scientist. Media coverage has focused chiefly on Pillar 1 of AUKUS, which involves providing Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, but Pillar 2 activities are...

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