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DTC to Integrate Software-Defined Radio Tech Into Nordic Wing UAV

domo tactical communications

Domo Tactical Communications has secured a contract to provide its advanced software-defined radio technology for Nordic Wing’s AsteroISR unmanned aerial vehicle system.

Under the deal, DTC will integrate the SDR into AsteroISR to equip the UAV system with high-performance encryption and anti-jamming capabilities. Jonas Munster, chief security officer at Nordic Wing, said this ensures uninterrupted communication and safeguards the integrity of critical data transmission.

It is the same technology found in the DTC SOL8SDR-H2 body-worn radio, which DTC said can be used as a mobile ad hoc network and point-to-point transmitter or receiver for streaming video, voice and data.

According to Munster, the upgraded AsteroISR will be supplied to Ukraine to bolster the operational effectiveness of its security forces.

“The incorporation of DTC’s radios in the AsteroISR system… enhances overall situational awareness,” the CSO said in a statement. “DTC’s radios facilitate the delivery of crystal-clear imagery and vital intelligence, allowing our allies to make informed decisions in real time, even in the most challenging operational environments.”

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