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AUKUS Partnership Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Aukus advances in ai and autonomy

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States are making significant progress in artificial intelligence and autonomy under Pillar 2 of the AUKUS security partnership, according to Tanya Monro, Australia’s chief defense scientist.

Media coverage has focused chiefly on Pillar 1 of AUKUS, which involves providing Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, but Pillar 2 activities are also crucial, as they involve the joint development of advanced capabilities.

Speaking at a CNAS event on Wednesday, Monro highlighted the importance of autonomy in changing the “calculus of deterrence and conflict” and emphasized the significance of the three nations being able to integrate their AI and automated systems. This shift transforms platforms from being “deliverer[s] of effects” into data systems that can be seamlessly integrated.

She acknowledged that Pillar 2 is more complex than Pillar 1, but it offers the opportunity for enhanced mutual reliance and to reach for clear objectives.

Monro expressed pride in how trust and collaboration are breaking down boundaries between nations among the AUKUS working groups.She hinted at upcoming announcements regarding AUKUS Pillar 2 but refrained from providing specific details.

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