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Australia, Japan To Explore New Robotic, Autonomous Capabilities for Undersea Warfare

Australia said it will work with Japan on a research project to advance the two nations’ capabilities in robotic and autonomous systems for undersea warfare. Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group and Japan’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency will spearhead the inaugural research project to enhance undersea communication and interoperability under a signed collaboration agreement....


Lockheed Martin Australia Showcases Battle Management System to Address UAS, Multi-Domain Threats

Lockheed Martin Australia has completed a field capability demonstration of the Agile Shield battle management system it built for the Australian government. The system is a counter-improvised threat detection, neutralization and mitigation platform that can operate in a complex joint battlespace. Developed by the company’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Leadership and Research Laboratory for Defence, Agile...


AUKUS Partnership Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States are making significant progress in artificial intelligence and autonomy under Pillar 2 of the AUKUS security partnership, according to Tanya Monro, Australia’s chief defense scientist. Media coverage has focused chiefly on Pillar 1 of AUKUS, which involves providing Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, but Pillar 2 activities are...

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