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Russian Defense Chief: Moscow to Strengthen Forces in West to Counter NATO Threat

Russian Federation flag

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has revealed his country’s plan to build up military forces at its western borders to counter the NATO threat.

The defense minister expects the deployment of NATO forces and weaponry in Finland following the country’s recent admission as a member of the alliance.

According to a Reuters report, Shoigu said the Finnish territory will soon host military contingents and strike weapons that can hit critical targets in northwest Russia.

He stressed that Finland’s NATO membership and Sweden’s future entry into the organization pose a “serious destabilizing factor.”

Shoigu, who made the comments at the Collegium of the Defence Ministry on Wednesday, also pointed to Poland’s announced plans to establish the most powerful military in Europe. He added that the country is acting as the main instrument of the United States’ anti-Russian policy.

Additionally, the defense chief described the “unprecedented support” for Ukraine to repel invading Russian forces as the “collective West waging a proxy war against Russia.”

Shoigu said Moscow will soon decide on an “adequate response” to neutralize such threats to the regime’s military security.

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