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US, Iraq Commit to Security Cooperation, Regional Stability

department of defense

A joint statement of the inaugural U.S.-Iraq Joint Security Cooperation Dialogue released Tuesday reaffirmed the two countries’ commitment to security cooperation and common interest in regional stability. Delegations from the Department of Defense and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense attended the dialogue in Washington, D.C. from Aug. 7 to 8.

The dialogue discussed opportunities for cooperation and shared challenges, such as preventing the resurgence of ISIS terrorism. The support areas that the delegations reviewed included the U.S. Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve’s mission to train and share intelligence with the Iraqi Security Forces.

In the joint statement, the United States and Iraq expressed intent to stand up a coalition for future consultation separate from the JSCD. The consultation will focus on how the coalition’s military mission will develop a timeline based on the ISIS threat, operational and environmental requirements, and ISF capability. 

The delegations also expressed a commitment to form a higher military commission for the two countries to evaluate the future process of the mission.

The JCSD builds upon previous bilateral discussions during the first U.S.-Iraq Higher Coordinating Committee in February and the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Dialogue in July 2021.

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