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Israel’s UVision Tests Hero-120 Loitering Munition Capabilities in Arctic Environment

Israel uvision drone flight test

Israel’s UVision recently conducted a series of flight missions in the Artic to test the capabilities of its Hero-120 loitering munition under extreme weather conditions.

The demonstration involved several flights at night time and saw the system carrying photographic sensors and infrared cameras as payloads, a company spokesperson told Defense News.

According to UVision, the test flights proved Hero-120’s effectiveness in combat situations in the challenging Arctic environment. The test also found that the system complies with storage and transportation equipment.

The aerial weapon’s effective operations in harsh-weather conditions addressed the specific requirements of military forces not only based in the Artic region but also to the north and east sectors of Europe, the Israeli company added.

The company said representatives of several defense forces with Arctic warfare capabilities, which expressed interest in the explosive drone, attended the demonstration.

UVision said it plans to conduct further tests in the region, noting that the effort supports its research and development blueprint of advancing the system’s capabilities and updating other products in its Hero line for operation in Arctic conditions.

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