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Northrop Grumman Says War Driving Demand for Army’s Battle Command System

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The U.S. Army’s Integrated Battle Command System is attracting interest from other countries due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, according to IBCS manufacturer Northrop Grumman.

The company developed the system for the Army to control its air and missile defense system and later sought to expand its design to connect other sensors and shooters on the battlefield, Defense News reported.

The service also plans to link IBCS with a new radar and launchers to replace the Patriot defense system.

During a recent media tour of the company’s production facility in Alabama, Michael Hahn, IBCS program director at Northrop Grumman, told reporters that demand for IBCS has increased, prompted by the use of ballistic and hypersonic missiles in Ukraine.

Notably, Poland received its first IBCS systems in early 2023 following the country’s acquisition of the RTX-made Patriot systems in 2018.

Germany, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Sweden will also acquire the defense system soon, disclosed Ian Reynolds, the company’s director of network solutions. He noted that apart from Denmark, the new customers are Patriot system owners.

Northrop also submitted an IBCS proposal to an Australian solicitation for a joint air battle management system. It expects a decision around summertime.

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