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Adacel Supports CAE’s Bid for Australian Future Air Mission Training System

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Adacel, an air traffic control training and simulation solutions provider, has joined a team of companies supporting CAE’s proposal to deliver and integrate ATC training into the Royal Australian Air Force’s Future Air Mission Training System.

The CAE-led AUStringer team, which also includes Leidos, Milskil and Nova Systems, is expected to provide expertise and technologies to develop and provide F-AMTS training solutions and services as part of its bid for the Project Air 5428 Phase 3 contract, valued at $322 million by the Australian Defence Force.

Matthew Sibree, managing director for Indo-Pacific at CAE Defense & Security, acknowledged the importance of AMTS to military flight and air control operations. He said the system should help develop foundational skills and post-graduate qualifications that would make future air traffic controllers ready to take on important missions.

Adacel CEO Daniel Verret, meanwhile, highlighted how his company will contribute to AUStringer’s bid, noting that Adacel has over a decade of experience supporting RAAF’s ATC training programs.

The Australian Defence Force shortlisted CAE Australia for the project alongside Boeing Defence Australia, Lockheed Martin Australia and Raytheon Australia.

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