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Singapore Adds Eight F-35As to Earlier Order of 12 Stealth Fighters

Singapore Adds Eight F-35As to Earlier Order of 12 Stealth Fighters

Singapore’s Ministry of Defence has announced its acquisition of eight F-35A combat aircraft from Lockheed Martin to supplement its existing order of 12 F-35Bs.

Posting on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, the ministry said the country’s steady defense spending enabled the “calculated decision.”

On Wednesday, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen informed Parliament that Singapore can expect delivery of the stealth fighters within the 2030 time frame.

However, Lockheed is scheduled to start delivering the F-35B variant in 2026, according to Breaking Defense.

The report noted that client nations normally purchase the aircraft’s A version, designed for conventional takeoff and landings, or the B edition, which features a lift fan to support short takeoff and vertical landing.

In his note to Parliament, Ng said Singapore is capitalizing on a “window of opportunity” as the current F-35 price levels are more competitive due to increasing orders worldwide.

The minister stressed that once the Republic of Singapore Air Force starts operating the joint strike fighter, the service becomes part of the “premier league.”

Ng disclosed that the island nation is buying the F-35 as its defense spending hits around $15 billion in fiscal year 2025, up by 2.5 percent from the previous year.

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