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BlackSky Secures $50M Deal to Provide Indonesia With Electro-Optical Imaging Satellites

electro optical imaging satellite

BlackSky has secured $50 million worth of contracts to support Indonesia’s efforts to acquire sovereign space capabilities.

According to the company, it will partner with Thales Alenia Space to provide the country with advanced Earth observation satellites bundled with ground station capabilities and flight operation support.

Under the companies’ agreement with state-owned defense company PT Len Industri, BlackSky will help Jakarta establish a new network of imaging satellites. It will deliver two satellites to the Indonesian military as part of the planned constellation.

In a separate contract with PT Len, BlackSky will upgrade its current arrangement of providing the Indonesian Ministry of Defense access to its imagery and analytics services. The new deal now includes support for hardware, ground systems software and related services.

BlackSky CEO Brian O’Toole said the ministry will receive delivery of the Gen-3 electro-optical imaging satellites in two years.

“BlackSky now offers sovereign nations the ability to gain foresight into critical matters that affect their national security and economy using commercially available Earth observation technology today,” the CEO added.

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