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Partnership Seeks to Promote Ocean Aero’s Triton Undersea Drone Tech Applications in Saudi Arabia

Ocean aero triton

Ocean Aero has signed a partnership agreement with Saudi Arabian companies Intra Defense Technologies and Middle East Maritime Repair to launch and implement advanced maritime technology in the Saudi region. Lockheed Martin, an Ocean Aero investor, facilitated the partnership.

According to an announcement released Wednesday, the partnership will bank on the applications of Ocean Aero’s Triton autonomous underwater and surface vehicle, touted as the world’s first and only AUSV.

The collaboration seeks to ensure that maritime technology will be a part of the transformation anticipated under the kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030 focused on a diversified economy as one of its goals.

Ocean Aero’s Triton offers a hardware-software solution applicable to the Saudi defense and offshore oil and gas sectors. The AUSV’s technology can also be tapped for environmental applications, such as reef monitoring and water chemistry analysis.

In June 2022, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology announced a collaboration agreement with Ocean Aero to use Triton in Red Sea research.

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