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Industry Comments Sought on Planned Regulations for Foreign Access to US IaaS Solutions

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The U.S. government is proposing new regulations to counter major cybersecurity breaches.

The Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security said these rules, open for public comment until April 29, respond to a January 2021 executive order that outlines the national emergency that these malicious cyber-related activities pose.

The proposal mandates U.S. infrastructure-as-a-service providers to verify the identity of foreign customers. It also empowers the Secretary of Commerce to grant exemptions and authorize measures to discourage the malicious use of U.S. IaaS products by foreign cyber actors.

Additionally, regulations are proposed under an Oct. 30 executive order to report foreign transactions involving the training of large artificial intelligence models with potential malicious applications.

According to BIS, public input on these regulations is crucial as the government strives to enhance cybersecurity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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