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Australia, Japan To Explore New Robotic, Autonomous Capabilities for Undersea Warfare

robotic undersea warfare

Australia said it will work with Japan on a research project to advance the two nations’ capabilities in robotic and autonomous systems for undersea warfare.

Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group and Japan’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency will spearhead the inaugural research project to enhance undersea communication and interoperability under a signed collaboration agreement.

The effort supports the key strategic partners’ expanding cooperation on defense science and technology formalized by Prime Ministers Anthony Albanese and Kishida Fumio in 2022.

Tanya Monro, Australia’s chief defense scientist, said the collaborative effort will serve as a “foundation for future joint research on robotic and collaborative autonomy, aiming to deliver advanced capabilities to support asymmetric advantage.”

“By partnering we deliver science and technology outcomes that we cannot achieve alone,” she added.

A former Australian diplomat told Breaking Defense that the Australia-Japan research deal aligns with Pillar II of the AUKUS security alliance that focuses on defense technology development.

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