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NorthStar Secures Funding to Launch Space Situational Awareness Services

NorthStar Secures Funding to Launch Space Situational Awareness Services

Canadian space company NorthStar Earth & Space has secured $14.7 million in funding from Telesystem Space, the Luxembourg Future Fund and the government of Quebec for its satellite constellation operations.

The investment will fund the company’s mission to launch four satellites that would be part of the world’s first space-based commercial space situational awareness services, according to the organization.

The funding will also support the establishment of a data center in Montreal to process and deliver information for tracking thousands of satellites and millions of orbital debris.

NorthStar CEO Stewart Bain said the investments will deliver service coverage to Earth orbits previously inaccessible from ground-based systems and ensure the space environment’s sustainability for upcoming generations.

With headquarters in Luxembourg and Montreal, Canada, and operations in Virginia, United States, NorthStar is working to preserve Earth by addressing the increasing threat of space collisions.

It operates a satellite constellation dedicated to managing space traffic and preventing collisions from uncontrolled orbital debris, noting that collisions caused by space debris could disrupt essential services and affect major economies around the world.

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