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IBM to Provide NATO With Enhanced Cybersecurity Visibility, Asset Management Capability

IBM to Provide NATO With Enhanced Cybersecurity Visibility, Asset Management Capability

IBM has secured a contract from the NATO Communications and Information Agency to strengthen the cyber resilience of the alliance’s enterprise networks.

Under the agreement, a customized asset, configuration, patching and vulnerability management service will be developed and delivered to the organization starting in January 2024, according to IBM.

IBM Consulting Chief Operating Officer Mohamad Ali said the partnership will equip NATO with improved security visibility and asset management capability.

The company will use its threat management expertise to ensure that the alliance’s IT assets and infrastructure are properly maintained, regularly updated and effectively secured to defend against evolving cyberthreats, the COO added.

To fortify NATO’s cybersecurity posture, IBM will provide data analysis, asset discovery and integration, and security experts to establish a consolidated source of information for the organization’s ACPV service.

The new enterprise solution will enable the alliance to rapidly address anomalies across its network.

For its vulnerability management efforts, NATO will be able to access IBM’s ACPV service interface for inquiries about asset and configuration data.

IBM noted that the service will be integrated into the organization’s existing cyber solutions to create an enterprise framework supporting the operations of critical areas such as IT service management and finance and auditing departments.

In a statement, NCI Agency General Manager Ludwig Decamps said close collaboration with industry enables NATO to immediately address cyberthreats and vulnerabilities.

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