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DTC, Silentium to Develop Air Defense Solution With No Electromagnetic Signature

DTC, Silentium to Develop Air Defense Solution With No Electromagnetic Signature

Domo Tactical Communications, a MIMO mesh provider based in Virginia, is working with Silentium Defence of Australia to develop an air defense radar system that can detect surface and airborne targets.

The two companies will combine their technologies to produce a solution with no electromagnetic signature.

Dave Huisenga, executive vice president and general manager for DTC North America, said the collaborative effort will deliver a low-low-size, weight and power passive air and surface radar system for commercial customers, law enforcement and defense forces.

The solution is designed for deployment in a “global expeditionary environment,” he added.

DTC said the system, which can be carried by a soldier, is capable of distributing critical sensor and targeting data across its MESH and coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing waveforms to perform real-time threat assessments in contested environments.

The solution’s use of a mobile ad hoc network radio and the MeshUltra waveform will enable the operator to easily transmit situational awareness data from Silentium’s Maverick M8 passive radar system to a tactical assault kit-capable device, the company added.

The combined systems are programmed to function independently or operate in a meshed network.

The fusion of DTC’s MANET radio and Silentium Defence’s advanced passive radar solutions will deliver an innovative solution that defense customers can deploy in complex battlefield environments, Simon Palumbo, chief experience officer at Silentium Defence.

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