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Software AG Launches Super iPaaS to Boost Government IT Toolkit

software ag government solutions

Software AG Government Solutions has launched Super iPaaS, an automated toolkit integrating software applications in different environments, to support government information technology modernization. 

Hank Bailey, Software AG Government Solutions president, said the company’s new offering helps agencies integrate anything anywhere, bringing “secure and scalable connectivity to any technology, no matter when it was created or where it is deployed.”  

Software AG said Super iPaaS offers users more agility, deeper mission focus and reduced risks. The platform delivers its benefits through cloud-first enterprise mainframe-to-cloud hybrid integration. It offers a common user interface, meets data sovereignty laws, and uses generative artificial intelligence technology to help drive productivity.

According to Software AG CEO Sanjay Brahmawar, Super iPaaS is “an enterprise integration proposition that doesn’t exist anywhere else.” The platform’s capabilities will provide the needed freedom for organizations to operate today, he added.

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