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Turkish Firms Win $211M Estonian Armored Vehicle Supply Contract

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Turkish companies Nurol Makina and Otokar will supply 230 armored vehicles worth $211 million to the Estonian Defence Forces under contracts with the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments.

A total of nine companies from six countries competed in the “technically complex” tender, Karmo Saar, category manager for air, sea and combat vehicles at ECDI.

Nurol Makina’s contract covers the purchase of 4×4 NMS armored vehicles for smaller teams of Estonia’s 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigades. The Otokar deal calls for the delivery of its 6×6 armored Arma models to the Estonian 2nd Infantry Brigade, which will use the vehicles as armored personnel carriers.

Nurol Makina and Otokar will tailor-fit the vehicles to the Estonian defense forces’ requirements. The armor will be certified resistant against small arms fire and mine blasts. For security, the vehicles will carry a roof-mounted 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and a smoke grenade launcher.

Delivery is expected to start in 2024 in line with Estonia’s military modernization moves.

The contracts themselves will run for 10 years, during which additional units and spare parts may be purchased. The procurement package also covers personnel training, tools and equipment.

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