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Electronic Warfare Systems Advancing in South Korea With Northrop Grumman, LIG Nex1 Collaboration

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Northrop Grumman and LIG Nex1 have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on opportunities in South Korea’s airborne electronic warfare systems. The companies announced their MOU at Seoul ADEX 2023.

Dong Ha, North Grumman Korea’s chief executive, said the agreement is founded on the company’s “decades of delivering advanced defense solutions” to South Korea.

With an office in Seoul since 1991, Northrop Grumman has been providing support to the Korean Air and Missile Defense program. Its portfolio includes the multi-sensor targeting pod LITENING, with U.S. military services as well as international customers among its current users. It also provides the internal countermeasures system of the all-weather radar on the upgraded C-130 platform.

Established in 1976 as Goldstar Precision, Yongin-based LIG Nex1’s offerings include ground EW equipment, shipborne and airborne EW systems, and direction finder and monitoring systems.

Most recently, LIG Nex1 won a spot as prime contractor to Korea’s next-generation Naval Acoustic Information Management System, NAIMS-II is a five-year $482 million undertaking to upgrade the system to support networked unmanned underwater vehicles and associated sensors used on Republic of Korea Navy missions.

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