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DXC Wins Contract to Modernize Government Cloud Infrastructure in Northwest Spain

dxc technology

DXC Technology has secured a contract from the Spanish regional government of Galicia to modernize the community’s private and public cloud infrastructures.

Under the agreement, the Virginia-based company will work closely with Xunta de Galicia to transform the autonomous region’s cloud platforms and solutions.

According to Elías Castro, territorial director of DXC Technology Iberia in Galicia, the company will develop and deploy new solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of local authorities.

He added that the partnership will employ a cloud strategy to digitalize the services provided to various Galician organizations and institutions.

As part of the collaborative effort, DXC and the Galician government will formulate an efficient strategy for building a flexible and secure cloud infrastructure in the region.

This includes helping set up a Cloud Dashboard to monitor the region’s cloud technology performance.

The company will also provide guidance on methodologies, best practices, cost optimization, regulatory compliance and governance to support the regional administrators’ decision-making processes.

In a statement, Miguel Montero, head of cloud infrastructure at Xunta de Galicia, said the agreement will deliver the needed cloud expertise and technologies to power the government services for nearly 3 million Galicians.

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