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Ultra I&C to Integrate TrellisWare Waveform Into New Orion Radios for Secure Military Communications

Ultra Intelligence & Ccommunications

Ultra Intelligence & Communications will integrate TrellisWare’s TSM waveform into the latest Orion line-of-sight family of radios under a strategic partnership to secure military communications on the battlefield.

Orion Gen 6 multichannel, multi-waveform tactical radio systems can be used for land, aerial and naval applications, according to the Ultra I&C website. The products offer artificial intelligence-defined networking and advanced anti-jamming capabilities.

Adding TSM to the Orion Gen 6 waveform portfolio will enable over-the-air interoperability with the U.S. Army’s Terrestrial Transmission Line-of-Sight and U.S. Marine Corps’ fifth-generation Orion AN/GRC-262 radios for greater range at the tactical edge.

In a press release, Alain Cohen, president of Ultra I&C’s Communications unit, noted that TrellisWare’s waveforms have already been proven on the battlefield.

“We look forward to demonstrating our new line of radios, which will bring the same legendary reliability, survivability and throughput as the currently fielded fifth-generation Orion radios but with more simplicity, flexibility, mobility and LPI/LPD features,” Cohen said.

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