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Boeing, Ferra Engineering Extend Collaborative Effort to Produce Precision Bomb Guidance Kits


Boeing has expanded its partnership with Australia’s Ferra Engineering to continue manufacturing Joint Direct Attack Munition Extended Range precision bomb guidance kits.

The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding extending their collaboration until 2028.

According to Boeing, the deal will also explore potential applications for Powered JDAM, a low-cost version of the wing kit that could reach a distance of up to 556 kilometers.

Bob Ciesla, vice president of Boeing Precision Engagement Systems, said the collaborative work will improve Powered JDAM’s range and that the munition will serve as an effective and affordable defense solution for international customers.

Ferra Engineering Managing Director Aaron Thompson added that the partnership will introduce innovation and secure the bomb’s production pipeline to meet the current and future requirements of the Australian Defence Force.

Boeing co-developed the JDAM ER kits with Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation. The bomb guidance kit integrates a wing set to upgrade JDAM’s range to over 72 km, according to Airforce Technology.

In a statement, Air Marshal Leon Phillips, Australia’s chief of guided weapons and explosive ordnance, said the project proves that close cooperation between the government and key industry players produces mutual benefits for all stakeholders.

Boeing stated that the partnership supports the ADF’s objective of enhancing its sovereign weapons capability and aligns with the goal of the AUKUS security alliance, which consists of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, to achieve trilateral defense capabilities.

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