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US OKs $80M Arms Shipment to Boost Taiwan’s Self-Defense

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Washington has cleared $80 million to fund the shipment of military supplies and services to Taiwan under the Department of State’s Foreign Military Financing program.

A CNN report said that according to a letter the department addressed to Congress, the approved transfer of equipment under FMF, a program normally reserved for sovereign nations, would bolster Taiwan’s capacity to defend itself.

An official from the State Department confirmed the military assistance, telling CNN that through the scheme, the United States will be able to supply both defense items and services, an effort that supports the U.S.’ interest in maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Based on the department’s notice sent to Congress on Tuesday, the FMF program could involve the sale of missile defense systems, cyber defense technologies, unmanned aerial systems, military training support, soldier protective gear and ammunition.

The defense materiel will be embedded in planned DOD procurements, meaning that it could take years before the self-governing island, claimed by China as its own, gets hold of the military aid.

In response to the Biden administration’s move, China said on Thursday that the arms sale harmed its sovereignty. The regime’s Foreign Affairs Ministry called on Washington to stop arming Taiwan, even as its National Defense Ministry vowed to use military measures to counter the U.S.-Taiwan agreement.

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