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UK’s Peregrine UAS Completes Factory Acceptance Testing

camcopter s-100

Thales and its partner Schiebel have completed factory acceptance testing of the Camcopter S-100 unmanned air system for the U.K. Ministry of Defence’s Peregrine program.

In a press release, Thales said the aircraft demonstrated “exceptional capabilities” to all requirements of the test, the final step the companies needed to secure to begin deliveries to MoD. The Peregrine project is designed to serve as an “eye in the sky” protecting the Royal Navy fleet against adversaries.

Thales and Schiebel announced the Peregrine contract award in February, with Thales serving as the lead integrator of sensors and systems into the Schiebel drone.

The UAS is equipped with Thales I-Master radar, technology that can enhance a vessel’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations by detecting and locating moving targets across the sea.

“Our unwavering dedication to precision engineering and collaboration with Schiebel has resulted in a cutting-edge solution that will undoubtedly strengthen the U.K. MoD’s operational capabilities,” said Herve Hamy, vice president for the ISR business line at Thales.

In line with the progress made by Thales and Schieber, the Royal Navy will now start full training on the operation and maintenance of the Camcopter S-100 UAS.

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