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US Confirms Delivery of Protector-Class Patrol Boats to Lebanon

Patrol boat

The Lebanese navy is set to receive three Protector-class patrol boats from the United States on Aug. 21, a spokesperson for the Department of State confirmed.

The delivery is part of a Foreign Military Sales agreement with Lebanon and includes maintenance and training support for the Lebanese armed forces, the official said, adding that crew training for the vessel started in early 2023.

“The U.S. takes a total package approach to FMS to ensure customers are able to fully employ capabilities to meet their security requirements,” the State representative said.

However, Adm. Haissam Dannaoui, commander of the Lebanese navy, told Breaking Defense that Lebanon needs more and larger patrol boats to better protect its maritime borders. He noted that small boats have limited capabilities to operate in difficult weather conditions.

To best satisfy its operational needs, the navy will acquire large-sized patrol boats with greater firepower and increased capacity to transport more equipment and items, the admiral said.

He stressed that larger vessels would prove more effective in search and rescue operations and in protecting the Mediterranean country’s oil platforms and sovereign rights.

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