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MD Helicopters Secures 12-Aircraft Middle East Contract

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Mesa, Arizona-based MD Helicopters has signed a contract with an unnamed Middle East buyer of six advanced Cayuse Warrior Plus Attack/Scout aircraft with precision weapons capability.

According to the MD website, the Cayuse Warrior Plus aircraft is based on the Cayuse Warrior with laser-guided technology. Besides the precision weapons system, the Plus variant comes with updated avionics and armor.

The helicopter manufacturer will also provide glass cockpit upgrades on six Armed MD 530F helicopters, industry news site Airforce Technology reported.

The new Mideast deal includes spare parts provisions, pilot and maintenance training, and other logistics support.

 The 12 light attack aircraft are expected to be deployed in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency missions.

The contract, deliveries under which are expected to begin in 2024, will “showcase the capabilities of this purpose-built, best-value solution” for U.S. allies, MD Helicopters President and CEO Brad Pederson said. Among those that have bought helicopters from the company in recent years include the Afghan air force and the Malaysian army.

Military rotorcraft in the Middle East is forecast to become a $1.8 billion market by 2033, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.2 percent. According to analysis from consulting company GlobalData, the region will get a 7.1 percent market share from 2022 to 2033, with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel as the top buyers.

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