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Israel Finalizes $3B Deal to Purchase 25 F-35s From US

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Israel Finalizes $3B Deal to Purchase 25 F-35s From US

Israel has ordered 25 F-35s from the United States to expand its fleet of 75 fifth-generation stealth fighters.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense signed a letter of offer and acceptance with the U.S. government to facilitate the acquisition, which will be the third batch of F-35 squadrons for the Israeli Air Force.

Under the $3 billion agreement, Lockheed Martin will deliver three to five aircraft a year starting in 2028.

The package includes support and maintenance services for the advanced platforms, which the Israel Defense Forces said will enhance its capabilities to address current and future threats.

Israel’s latest procurement is part of an earlier deal with Washington that allows the Israeli defense industry to participate in manufacturing the F-35s sold to U.S. forces and other countries.

The arrangement involves Israeli companies working closely with aircraft maker Lockheed Martin and engine maker Pratt & Whitney, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

In a statement, Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant said the acquisition highlights the strength of the strategic alliance between Israel and the United States.

“This capability has a significant impact on arenas both near and far,” he stressed.

Israel announced the aircraft procurement as it considers new deals to purchase additional F-15s and combat helicopters following the country’s acquisition of KC-46A tankers and CH-53K choppers in 2022.

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