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Oracle to Hire Local Talent for Expanded R&D Capabilities in Morocco; Safra Catz Quoted

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Oracle has signed an agreement with Morocco to expand its research and development capabilities in the North African country.

Oracle CEO Safra Catz and Ghita Mezzour, the minister of digital transition and administration reform in Morocco, finalized the partnership on Thursday.

In a statement, Catz said the collaboration will allow Oracle to tap a deep tech talent pool.

“Oracle’s R&D center in Casablanca has already played a critical role in creating technical breakthroughs, enhancing cybersecurity and delivering impactful new AI capabilities,” the CEO noted.

To start the expansion, the company will increase its local workforce to 1,000 IT professionals tasked with developing advanced technologies for global customers.

According to Oracle, around 40 percent of the incoming personnel will be deployed outside Casablanca and Rabat-Salé-Kenitra to offer opportunities across the country.

The recruitment supports the company’s plan to set up new offices in Agadir in 2024 and Northern Morocco over the next two years.

Oracle’s decision to increase its footprint in Morocco follows a partnership it secured with data center operator N+One in early March to establish a cloud region and meet the government’s data sovereignty requirements.

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