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Thales Launches New AI Accelerator for Defense

Artificial Intelligence

Thales has launched a new initiative to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence for aircraft, armed forces and critical infrastructures.

The new cortAIx is an accelerator that brings together experts from industry and academia.

The accelerator has three core elements: the cortAIx Lab, cortAIx Factory and cortAIx Sensors.

According to Thales, cortAIx Lab is the most powerful integrated laboratory for critical AI across Europe. It is located in Saclay, France.

Meanwhile, cortAIx Factory will focus on the classification and industrialization of new AI tools and identify new use cases to enhance mission performance.

The third element, cortAIx Sensors, encompasses Thales’ sensors business for defense applications.

“Our company, which is a European leader in the fields of civil and defense high-tech, is able to draw on its mastery of AI and on the assets that are its strength: its technological expertise, its knowledge of critical domains – defense and aerospace, space, cybersecurity, digital identity – and its management of constrained environments,” said Patrice Caine, Thales chairman and CEO.

“Thales is already developing embeddable, frugal, trusted, explainable and secure end-to-end solutions, and today it is moving to the next level by acquiring major AI capabilities that meet the security and sovereignty needs of our customers.”

The French firm already uses AI to support mission requirements.

Its AI-powered sensors lighten workloads for warfighters and improve the detection, identification and classification of objects of interest.

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