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Saab Secures $76M UK MoD Deal for Simulation Systems Support to British Army; James Passmore Quoted

James Passmore

Saab has secured a $76.2 million contract from the U.K. Ministry of Defence to provide the British Army with live simulation systems support.

Under the three-year deal, the Swedish company will deploy its Instrumented Live Training capability, which simulates direct and indirect fire effects using laser and geometric pairing technology.

The ILT-D tactical engagement system for vehicles, armored platforms, heavy weapon systems and anti-tank weapons can be used in force-on-force exercises during collective training. It also provides feedback to inform the after-action review process and validate training, Saab said.

According to James Passmore,  vice president and director of marketing and sales at Saab UK, the agreement will provide live simulation capabilities that will enable the United Kingdom to conduct training around the world.

“As Saab Training and Simulation marks 30 years of collaboration with the British Army, we are delighted that ILT-D is in place to support training for the next epoch,” the executive said. “This contract exemplifies our commitment to delivering world-leading live simulation capabilities at the point of need.”

The British Army previously used the Saab system for overseas exercises in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Kenya, Oman, Jordan, Cyprus and Germany.

The contract, which can extend until 2030, includes “significant investment” to ensure that the MoD will use the most advanced ILT-D capabilities.

The company said the effort aims to extend the technology’s usability, address obsolescence issues, and keep the system interoperable with the U.K.’s partner nations.

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