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Leidos Wins UK Deal to Build New Flood Warning System; Erik Freeman Quoted


The UK government has awarded Leidos a $30 million contract to build and operate England’s new flood warning system.

Under the six-year deal with the UK Environment Agency, Leidos will replace the more than 20-year-old system that delivers flood alerts to the United Kingdom.

According to Leidos UK & Europe CEO Eric Freeman, the modern system will help protect households and the national infrastructure.

“With Leidos’ experience developing and supporting critical systems and services across the U.K. government, we look forward to helping build greater flood resilience,” the CEO said.

Leidos said the EA’s flood warning system will be built in collaboration with Cogworx, which will contribute to the design, and Intersec, which will provide mobile intelligence solutions.

When the technology becomes operational, it will feature geospatial services, integration with modern social media and mobile devices, and messaging capabilities to notify registered users.

Leidos will manage the service for four years and six months and deploy service improvements while operating the system.

Additionally, the company will include an option allowing agencies under the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and other government departments to access the service.

Work on the contract started on March 4, with the new system rollout expected within the next 18 months.

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