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Anduril, HD Hyundai to Produce New Autonomous Naval Systems for Defense Customers

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Anduril Industries has forged a strategic partnership with HD Hyundai Heavy Industries to deliver a new class of autonomous naval systems.

The collaboration intends to rebuild the naval capabilities of the United States and South Korea and the two countries’ allies and partners, Anduril said.

According to Anduril Chief Strategy Officer Christian Brose, the two companies will bolster customers’ naval powers by equipping them with cutting-edge mission autonomy, artificial intelligence and software.

“Our companies will define a new maritime arsenal of democracy, one that both restores naval capacity through modern shipbuilding and mass manufacturing practices,” the CSO explained.

Anduril said the collaborative effort will use the companies’ combined expertise to produce new low-cost autonomous maritime systems to support defense customers’ mission of strengthening global peace and security.

The agreement will also allow both organizations to access opportunities in their respective home bases, enabling them to unlock their full value in the U.S. and South Korean markets, the company added.

With the partnership paving the way for increased technological collaboration, the two companies will explore integrating Anduril’s Lattice software platform into existing and upcoming HD Hyundai products and study the use of HD Hyundai’s shipbuilding and manufacturing practices to mass-produce Anduril’s current and future maritime systems.

The strategic partnership was finalized as Anduril booked two separate defense contracts in April to provide the U.S. Marine Corps with a non-developmental item loitering munition system and help the U.S. Army develop a software framework to test and deploy modern robotic combat vehicle payloads.

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