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UK Selects Babcock for $710M Contract to Upgrade HMS Victorious Submarine

UK Selects Babcock for $710M Contract to Upgrade HMS Victorious Submarine

The U.K. Ministry of Defence has awarded Babcock International a $709.9 million contract for maintenance and life extension support of the Royal Navy’s HMS Victorious submarine.

The agreement calls for the defense contractor to repair and modernize the Vanguard-class submarine, which serves a critical role in the United Kingdom’s continuous sea deterrence efforts.

In a statement, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said the collaboration with Babcock will not only keep the U.K. safe but also boost the local economy.

MoD estimates that maintenance and upgrade works on the submarine will support over 1,000 jobs in Plymouth and the surrounding southwest region.

According to Vice Adm. Martin Connell, second sea lord of the U.K. Royal Navy, the overhaul contract will allow HMS Victorious to extend its service until MoD is ready to activate its new generation of Dreadnought-class submarines.

In July 2023, Babcock began the work on the Vanguard-class vessel at its Devonport facility after winning advanced approval from the defense ministry, Shephard Media reported. It noted that Victorious, which was hit by a fire incident in 2022, is the contractor’s second ship life extension project from RN’s line of Vanguard boats.

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