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Lockheed Partners With Singaporean Agency for Enhanced F-16 Maintenance Support

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Lockheed Martin and Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency have agreed to create a new data pipeline infrastructure to enable smarter maintenance support for the Singapore Air Force’s F-16 fleet.

The infrastructure will use digital technologies allowing both parties to exchange fleet and supply chain datasets and improve data analytics. Lockheed and DSTA expect the implementation of the data pipeline to result in reduced sustainment costs, improved fleet availability and enhanced operational readiness.

Steve Sheehy, vice president for sustainment campaigns at Lockheed, said the agreement, signed during the sidelines of the Singapore Airshow, puts the company in a better position to address DSTA’s sustainment needs for several years.

The agency’s partnership with Lockheed builds on a collaboration agreement signed with the company in 2023 to explore data analytics and workflow automation for enhanced mission readiness.

Singapore established DSTA as a technology organization responsible for delivering technological advancements and engineering support to the Singapore Armed Forces.

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