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US Report Confirms Houthis Used Iran-Supplied Missiles, UAVs in Mideast Attacks

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The Houthis used Iran-provided missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out attacks across the Middle East, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency report.

Published on Tuesday, the unclassified report titled “Iran: Enabling Houthi Attacks Across the Middle East,” compared and analyzed publicly available images of Iranian missiles and UAVs with those displayed and employed by Houthi forces.

It includes a study of shared elements between a Sammad UAV that the Houthis used in a July 2018 attack against Saudi Arabia and the Iranian Sayyad drone. DIA’s analysis highlighted the two UAVs’ similar features before and after using them.

The agency’s investigation showed that, notably, the Sammad drone underwent minor modifications but maintained the general design and functions observed in the Iranian Sayad.

The report also covered the ballistic missiles that the Houthis fired against several countries in the region. Investigators found that the militia’s Burkan-3/Zulfiqar and Iran’s Qiam/Rezvan missiles share identical payload features and small rear fins.

In 2019, the Houthis launched the missile against Saudi Arabia while Iran employed the Qiam variant in strikes targeting an air base in Iraq, according to the report.

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