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Pentagon Issues Cyber Defense Guidebook for US Allies, Partners

cyber security

The U.S. Department of Defense has released a guidebook for international partners to share information on strengthening cybersecurity measures and command, control and communication modernization capabilities.

“Standards Guide for Foreign Partners 2023,” issued on Wednesday, also covers the cloud structure and complementary domains, including artificial intelligence and data. The document’s contents are unclassified, readily available information that was sourced from the U.S. government, DOD, authoritative international institutions, and other government and academic resources.

DOD said the topics U.S. foreign partners can access through the guidebook include its software modernization strategy and three long-term goals toward resilient software capabilities achieved at relevant speed.

The guide also provides an overview of training opportunities within the U.S. academic ecosystem. Among the training options are the SANS Institute’s Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation and Carnegie Mellon University’s Secure DevOps Process and Implementation.

Other components of the 93-page guidebook include a look at the Department of Homeland Security’s measures to defend industrial systems against cyberattacks and the National Security Agency’s cybersecurity mitigation strategies to counter advanced persistent threat actors.

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