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Jeff Bohling: An AI Visionary’s Road to Success and Excellence

Jeff Bohling: An AI Visionary's Road to Success and Excellence

Jeff Bohling is one of the seasoned industry leaders in the government contracting industry. He has nearly 30 years of experience propelling market growth, delivering capabilities to customers, and leading high-performing teams.

Mr. Bohling’s consistency and zeal in his work slated him to win his first Wash100 award in 2024. Get to know more about his road to success and excellence.

Who is Jeff Bohling?

Jeff Bohling is the Chief Executive Officer of Empower AI. He took the company’s reins in February 2023 and is responsible for its growth strategy and the delivery of mission-enhancing capabilities.

Mr. Bohling leverages over 20 years of expertise in the federal sector to fulfill his capacity at Empower AI. His enlistment at the company became crucial to its course toward a new era of innovation.

Board member Andre Jabukowski highlighted that Jeff Bohling’s leadership is vital to Empower AI. He added that Mr. Bohling’s expertise could enable the delivery of mission-bolstering solutions and the propelling of IT transformation initiatives for the government sector.

Additionally, Mr. Bohling’s role is crucial in Empower AI’s goal to innovate AI-powered capabilities and capture significant growth opportunities.

Jeff Bohling’s Career Journey

Early in his career, Jeff Bohling delved into roles that empowered him to assume digital transformation responsibilities. 

His first stint was as the Senior Manager at McLeodUSA from April 1996 to October 2001. He excelled in challenging leadership roles that got him promoted five times during his tenure. In this capacity, he won the 1997 Chairman’s Inner Circle award.

After five years, Jeff Bohling joined General Dynamics Information Technology and assumed the role of Vice President and General Manager. His work was proven to be paramount for GDIT’s acquisition, which was why he was entrusted with handling a $480M+ business unit after leading a previously $180M+ business unit.

In January 2017, Mr. Bohling transferred to Perspecta as the Senior Vice President. During his tenure in the company, it was acquired by Peraton in 2021, with him being appointed as the President of the Defense Solutions Sector. He led more than 4,000 employees supporting federal contracting programs of various defense agencies.

Jeff Bohling also delved outside of the GovCon bubble. While still a Senior Manager at McLeodUSA, he established Folktales Grille & Bar. By setting up a start-up restaurant, he mastered the craft of creating a company vision and business plan and executing them.

Jeff Bohling: Winning Wash100 2024

Photo/ Executive Mosaic

Jef Bohling’s unwavering commitment to propel Empower AI’s growth strategies and enhance digital solutions for a better future primed him to win his first Wash100 award.

Executive Mosaic (EM) awarded Mr. Bohling the prestigious accolade for demonstrating excellence and integrity throughout his career. In addition, EM deemed Jeff Bohling worthy of this prestigious award for his exceptional impact in delivering innovative digital capabilities.

According to Executive Mosaic CEO Jim Garrettson, the 2024 Wash100 winners are exemplary in building a brighter future for the government contracting industry. He highlighted that EM thanks and celebrates leaders like Jeff Bohling for their ironclad dedication to defending the nation.

Since 2014, Wash100 has recognized the top executives who have made significant contributions to the government contracting industry. Click here to see the nominees for Wash100 2024 and cast your votes on who should bag the prestigious award.

Jeff Bohling’s Notable Industry Contributions

Photo by PopTika/ Shutterstock

Jeff Bohling’s arrival at Empower AI has been a crucial move for the US Department of Defense to adopt advanced AI capabilities.

On November 15, 2023, Mr. Bohling was actively involved in Empower AI’s task order to optimize and modernize the equipment of the Army Transport Edge network. The contract, valued at $27 million, covers IT modernization support for over 60 locations in South Korea.

According to Jeff Bohling, this task order bolsters Empower AI’s resolve to support the US Department of Army in its missions in the Korean Peninsula. He added that this contract is crucial for solidifying the relationship between the Army and Empower AI.

Subsequently, on November 28, 2023, Mr. Bohling shed his insights on ChatGPT’s impact on government missions at a panel with Executive Mosaic. He highlighted that efficient use of AI requires understanding, protecting, cleansing, and training data to yield desired algorithms for the US Armed Forces.

The Empower AI CEO also emphasized that future generative AI tools will be more well-trained to enable agencies to achieve their desired mission outcomes. Finally, Mr. Bohling said that Empower AI’s cutting-edge capabilities will continue to remain vital in various government initiatives.

Another significant contribution of Jeff Bohling in the AI realm is his position as a panel speaker at the upcoming 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit

About Empower AI

Empower AI is an IT services and consulting company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. Founded in 1989 as NCI, the company has grown to become one of the largest technological solutions providers for civilian and defense markets. 

Today, the company’s portfolio of services comprises artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, agile, DevSeCops, product development, software development, decision support, IT service management, and engineering and integration.

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