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UK MoD Invests $2.6B Annually to Support Scotland’s Defense Sector

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The U.K. Ministry of Defence spends around $2.6 billion each year to improve Scotland’s defense industry, according to official government data.

For each person in Scotland, the MoD spends an average of $480, which has remained consistent in recent years. The statistics also indicate that the Defence Ministry’s investment in Edinburg directly supports 12,200 jobs in the country.

According to Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, the government has an annual spending budget of $63.1 billion to keep up with the modernization of the country’s military capabilities.

“These statistics demonstrate how all parts of the U.K. are playing their part in that crucial work, delivering through our fantastic defense industry and boosting local prosperity,” he said.

Some of MoD’s advanced aircraft such as the P-8 Poseidon and Typhoon operate from Scotland, necessitating support contracts for the strategic assets and creating employment opportunities.

In a statement, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said the statistics highlighted the defense sector’s critical role in providing Scotland with high-skilled jobs and investment, and the U.K. government’s commitment to growing the economy.

“Nothing is more important than defending our country and these figures show the enormous contribution Scottish skills, expertise and innovation make to the U.K.’s defense industry,” he added.

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