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Saab, MBDA Collaborate to Develop Advanced Anti-Tank, Air Defense Capabilities

Saab and MBDA agreement

Saab and MBDA have signed letters of intent to strengthen their collaboration in advancing anti-tank and air defense capabilities.

The companies finalized the agreement on Wednesday to support a new strategic partnership that France and Sweden sealed the day before as part of French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to Sweden.

The two countries identified anti-tank and air defense capabilities as critical for their military forces, especially when operating in high-intensity conflicts.

The partnership will initially focus on delivering the Akeron MP anti-tank missile under a contract awarded by the French and Swedish governments.

The two companies will also create a new capability road map to design advanced functionalities for the anti-tank missile, particularly with beyond line-of-sight firing capability, and prepare it for future generations of targets.

The upcoming road map will enable the Akeron MP to maintain its position as a standard and dependable weapon during military operations, Saab added.

Saab and MBDA previously worked in tandem on the Meteor air-to-air missile program and the Taurus cruise missile.

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