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QinetiQ, UK Issue Open Source AI Tool to Accelerate Development Process

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QinetiQ and the U.K Defence Science and Technology Laboratory have released an artificial intelligence tool as open source software to speed up its evolution.

Giving the public access to Primary-level AI Training Environment, created under Dstl’s Autonomous Resilient Cyber Defence program, will allow the general developer community to participate in tweaking the software, QinetiQ said.

“The decision to make PrimAITE open source will act as a force multiplier, helping to both advance other related research areas and fine-tune the functionality and effectiveness of the software itself,” according to James Short, a principal systems engineer at QinetiQ Training & Simulation.

Opening PrimAITE for more contributions is expected to promote increased collaboration with government agencies, the company explained, adding that enhancements for the simulation will enable the United Kingdom to better address evolving cyberthreats.

Currently, the tool can train and evaluate AI and machine learning capabilities for cyber defense applications. It also operates at a machine-speed pace to support fast training cycles for users.

QinetiQ and Dstl issued PrimAITE version 2.0.0 via GitHub while working on the software’s third installment, which will boast more refined simulation functionality and interoperability with agents.

The tool debuted as QinetiQ recently supplied a new combat air training technology to the Slovenian Armed Forces. The product features a sleeve target that acts as a hit counter for the PC-9B fighter aircraft.

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