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BAE Systems Partners With Research Center to Develop AI for Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Australia

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BAE Systems Australia, in partnership with defense cooperative research center Trusted Autonomous Systems, has introduced an advanced artificial intelligence system  to power uncrewed ground vehicles called TAGVIEW.

The two organizations created the Trusted Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Electronic Warfare. After a four-year research and demonstration program,

According to BAE Systems, TAGVIEW has a modular design and is compatible with different UGVs. The system can operate multiple unmanned vehicles simultaneously to carry out a mission or evade an oncoming threat.

It also features a Light Detection and Ranging remote sensing system, optic cameras,  and onboard navigation and route planning technologies.

To demonstrate the capabilities of TAGVIEW, BAE Systems installed the AI-powered platform on M113 Optionally Crewed Combat Vehicles. TAGVIEW was tasked to complete planned relocation, logistical and sweep search missions during the test phase.

“The army requires autonomous capabilities like this to protect our soldiers from harm, removing them from the most dangerous tasks, while still maintaining a human in the loop directing the system,” said Lt. Col. Rachael Ayoub of the Australian Army’s Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation and Coordination Office.

The research and demonstration was funded by the Australian government. Researchers from the University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide and Defence Science and Technology Group also participated in the development.

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