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US, South Korea to Advance Joint R&D Efforts on Quantum Technology

cooperation on quantum computing

The United States and South Korea have agreed to expand their existing cooperation to advance research and development efforts on quantum computing.

Officials from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science were in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday to sign a revised memorandum of understanding to collaborate on precision metrology for quantum computing.

The MOU calls for NIST’s Communication Technology Laboratory and KRISS to jointly develop advanced precision radio frequency measurement technologies for next-generation superconducting quantum computing.

The two parties will also work on qubit readout and control for scalable low-latency feedback using superconducting circuits.

Under the project, NIST and KRISS will implement personnel exchanges for joint research efforts on U.S. and Korean facilities.

Researchers from the two sides will team up to publish the collaborative effort’s research findings.

NIST said the partnership aims to contribute to the international metrology community in quantum technologies.

The latest technology cooperation agreement with the U.S. comes a week after South Korea unveiled a new institute in Daejeon to develop quantum and sensing technologies for military applications.

According to state media, the institute will partner with local universities over the next five years to deliver quantum capabilities for securing military communications.

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