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Palo Alto Networks To Help Poland Establish Resilient Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Poland establish cybersecurity partnership

Poland has selected Palo Alto Networks to enable its Polish Cybersecurity Partnership Program, which seeks to bolster the country’s cyber resilience.

Under the PWCyber Program, the company will support Warsaw’s efforts to develop advanced capabilities in threat intelligence, incident response and network security.

The initiative will also authorize Palo Alto Networks to tap government resources and collaborate with industry players to advance the European country’s cybersecurity efforts, which Poland deems crucial in protecting its national security and economic interests.

To realize its objectives, the program will promote education and training to build a skilled cyber workforce in the country. Through the project, Poland aims to equip its IT professionals with the needed knowledge and tools to combat evolving cyberthreats.

PwCyber will also work with universities and technical schools to formulate training programs for the next generation of cybersecurity experts in Poland.

Additionally, the partnership will establish a collaborative environment for researchers, developers and businesses to develop and deploy innovative solutions for addressing cyberthreats.

In July, Palo Alto Networks started a cloud security operation in Warsaw to give local customers access to cybersecurity solutions and satisfy their data residency requirements.

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